Is This High-Tech, Award-Winning Mask the Last Mask You’ll Ever Need to Buy?!

If you’re sick and tired of wearing hot stuffy masks that always get in the way, but still want to protect yourself… you’re about to get some REALLY good news!

Regardless of your views, it's fair to say most of us don’t enjoy wearing face masks.

First off, they’re stuffy and suffocating – in many cases, it feels like you’re trying to breathe through a straw.

They also trap heat and moisture, which fogs up your glasses and leaves you with a damp, disgusting rag after a few hours…

They dig into your ears too, which isn’t just painful – those annoying loops get in the way of most headphones and earbuds, making it annoying to listen to music…

Perhaps worst of all, masks muffle everything you say, making it hard to talk on the phone…

And the list goes on. But surely we don’t have to tell you all this – after so many years of wearing them, you already know how frustrating masks are.

(It’s even worse if you’ve tried to stay active lately. Constantly taking your mask off and then putting it back on is such a pain!)

All these problems are enough to make anyone wonder: Why hasn’t someone made a mask that isn’t absolutely terrible yet?!

Well, as it turns out, someone has made one. You just haven’t heard about it…

Is the search for “the perfect mask” finally over?

Quick – imagine a face mask you’d actually WANT to wear.

It would be easy to breathe through, yet still offer excellent protection, right?

It would feel light and soft on your face – as if you aren’t wearing a mask at all.

Ideally, it would even find a way to make phone calls and listening to music not just easier, but better.

Yup. Here comes that good news we promised you…

After months of anticipation, a new high-tech, award-winning “super mask” has finally been released to the public – and it checks ALL those boxes (and more). Just wait until you hear what it does!

This Revolutionary New Mask Is Called MaskFone – And It Might Just Be The Last Mask You’ll Ever Need To Buy

In short, MaskFone is the world’s first mask that was designed to be a convenient addition to your lifestyle.

It combines comfort-oriented design and Bluetooth technology to solve all the problems traditional masks face – and it’s clearly drawing attention.

In fact, not only did it win an Innovation Award at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas…

Customers  Say It’s The Comfiest, Most High Tech Mask They’ve Ever Worn!

It’s all thanks to MaskFone’s brilliant design.

Instead of depending on flimsy cloth to maintain the mask’s structure, MaskFone is specially engineered to use replaceable filters that can be swapped in and out.

This genius system solves a lot of problems – it improves comfort, increases cleanliness, and overall makes the mask a lot more convenient to use on a daily basis.

Most importantly, it doesn’t feel like someone’s put their hand over your mouth while you’re wearing it!

But the technology inside the mask is what makes it really stand out from all the other masks out there right now…

MaskFone Is The World's First “Phone Call Friendly” Mask

As you already know, masks can make it extremely difficult for the person you’re speaking with to understand you – especially in loud environments.

Surely you’ve experienced this: You’re trying to talk to someone, but your mask keeps getting sucked into your mouth… which doesn’t just make it hard to talk on the phone, it makes the mask disgusting after a few minutes!

Or worse, your chin keeps pulling the mask downward, forcing you to constantly pull it back up… which is frustrating and puts you at unnecessary risk.

Dealing with masks while ordering food or drinks is bad enough. But when it comes to phone calls, it can be maddening!

Fortunately, MaskFone solves these problems in two ways.

First, the design leaves an excess of breathing room inside the mask. This allows your voice the space to travel further and louder.

And second,

With MaskFone, The Microphone is Built Right Into The Mask!

Even with expensive wireless earbuds like AirPods, your voice can still end up being muffled when you’re talking to someone.

But with MaskFone’s innovative built-in microphone, the person you’re talking to won't even be able to tell you’re wearing a mask. (Meaning they’ll be able to hear you perfectly!)

And as if that wasn’t enough of a game changer for us daily mask wearers…

MaskFone’s Headphones Are Wireless – Making It Even More Convenient To Carry & Wear

MaskFone’s Bluetooth 5.0 headphones are built right into the mask’s ear loops and connect wirelessly, meaning you can stay connected to your device on-the-go without getting caught in a mess of jumbled wires.

Even better, the headphones built into the mask aren’t just any old cheapo set. Rather, MaskFone uses bass-enhancing, background noise isolating technology to deliver crystal clear audio.

Whether it's a call from a loved one or your favorite song, MaskFone’s earbuds stream audio with excellent quality – even when you’re out on a busy street.

Clearly, the inventors of MaskFone really thought of everything. And they added one more brilliant touch:

MaskFone Has Buttons On The Mask That Let You Control Your Phone!

If your phone is buried in your pocket or purse while you’re out and about, no need to worry – MaskFone has you covered.

Whether you’re changing songs or want to pick up an incoming call, all you have to do is press one of the control buttons on the jawline of the mask, and poof – you’re good to go. No more searching your bag or pockets to find your device!

These same controls also connect to both Siri and Alexa, allowing you to seamlessly give voice commands without pulling out your phone.

MaskFone Is Also Machine Washable, Making It Easy To Keep Free Of Germs

If you have been wondering how you can keep your MaskFone clean with so much built-in tech… thankfully, they thought of this too.

MaskFone is made of high-quality neoprene that can be washed over and over without losing its elasticity and special easy-to-breathe shape.

Simply detach the Bluetooth headset from the mask (it’s easy and only takes a second), throw it in the wash, pop in a new filter and voila! It’s as clean as the day you got it!

Here’s Why So Many People Love MaskFone:

From everything we’ve read around the web, it’s clear people agree: MaskFone offers a combination of comfort, protection, and utility that no other mask has been able to provide.

Everyone has their own reason to love it, but here are a few of the most common things people are loving about MaskFone:

  • Crystal Clear Phone Calls Even With Your Mask On – MaskFone’s Hubble Connect app boosts your voice and automatically tones down ambient noise, ensuring a crystal-clear conversation.
  • Maximum Safety Without Sacrificing Comfort Or Style – With a default PM2.5 filter and the option of upgrading to an N95, MaskFone emphasizes both safety and convenience at the same time.
  • Battery Lasts Up To 4X Longer Than Most Headsets – Wireless earbuds tend to die after 2 or 3 hours, but MaskFone’s bluetooth system lasts up to 8 hours off a full charge.
  • Doesn’t Cut Into Your Ears – MaskFone, uses soft loops that are both ergonomically designed and extremely gentle on your skin, making it super comfortable to wear.
  • Compatible with all Apple and Android devices – MaskFone integrates with your smartphone, and you can even use it to communicate with Siri and Alexa.

Makes Wearing A Mask All Day MUCH More Comfortable – MaskFone has become especially popular among people who are required to wear a mask on a daily basis, such as those who wear them for work or group activities.

Bottom Line: MaskFone Is The Best Mask For Everyday Life We’ve Ever Seen

For better or worse, it seems masks are here to stay. 

And as more and more people grow frustrated with their stuffy, “old school” masks (that were designed for hospitals, not daily life), it’s no surprise more than 140,000 people have already rushed out to buy a MaskFone.

After all, MaskFone was actually designed with normal people in mind, and it clearly does a much, much better job of keeping you protected AND comfortable. In fact, you might even look forward to wearing it!

Editor’s note: Demand for the MaskFone has skyrocketed since its recent mention in Forbes, but you can see if it’s still in stock by clicking here.

UPDATE: MaskFone Is Back In Stock – Here’s Where You Can Try It

Thank you for your responses – clearly a lot of you are frustrated with muffled phone calls and tangled wires!

The creators of MaskFone are currently running multiple promotions right now, including the option to get a FREE MaskFone when you buy two. We don’t know how long this will last, so don’t wait to take advantage of it!

While it’s unfortunate we’re stuck wearing masks, there’s no law that says wearing a mask has to interfere with your phone calls, music, or podcasts.

With noise isolating, call-enhancing Bluetooth 5.0 technology built right into it, we’re confident MaskFone will be the last mask you ever want to buy.