The World's Most Advanced Face Mask

MaskFone keeps you protected while conveniently allowing you to take calls and listen to music with incredible clarity – without having to remove your mask.

It’s the most advanced mask ever – enjoy calls, music, comfort & safety all in one!

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Android & Apple
N95 Certified
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2021 CES Innovation
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Make Phone Calls & Listen To Music With Your Face Mask

Enjoy convenience and safety with MaskFone’s built-in earbuds and breathable fabric.

simple & easy

How It Works

MaskFone is a high-quality face mask made with breathable fabric that allows you to enjoy calls & music without removing your mask.

Using it is easy – simply put it on like any other face mask, adjust it as needed, then connect to your phone via Bluetooth and put the earbuds in. Now you can comfortably make phone calls, listen to music, and more… all without removing your mask!

MaskFone even includes buttons to control the volume and music quickly and easily. In short, it’s the only face mask you’ll ever be excited to wear!

comfortable & convenient

The Only Face Mask You'll Ever Need

Forget those itchy, suffocating masks that just end up in landfills… with MaskFone, you can actually enjoy wearing your mask!

Wearing MaskFone feels like you aren’t wearing a mask at all – yet it still gives you full protection thanks to the five-layer filtration system. It’s breathable, packed with features, adjustable, and made to last for years!

MaskFone eliminates everything you hate about wearing a mask… making “mask life” a bit easier!

jaw-dropping audio quality

Enjoy Crisp Calls & Music With Crystal-Clear Audio

MaskFone was created by music-loving multi-taskers, so excellent audio quality was a MUST. (After all, what’s the point of including earbuds if you never want to use them?!)

The connected Hubble App allows your MaskFone to unlock over 70,000 Amazon Alexa skills and features. The app can even help you locate your mask if you misplace it.

MaskFone is the most technically advanced mask ever made – you’ll actually look forward to wearing it!

Impressive Audio Quality + Amazing Comfort = MaskFone!

Replaceable & Upgradeable Filters

You only need to buy MaskFone once thanks to its replaceable filters! Simply swap out the included PM 2.5 filters when needed and you’ll always be fresh, safe, and comfortable. You can even upgrade them to N95 for added protection!

Lasts For Years - And It's Machine Washable!

Keeping your MaskFone clean and cozy is as easy as throwing it in the laundry. Simply detach the earbuds, toss it in, and voila! Your MaskFone is like new again.

"All-Day" Battery Life

Thanks to its 12 hours of battery life, you can enjoy MaskFone for an entire day without worrying about your battery dying!

Here's Why People Love MaskFone

5.0 star rating
Verified Buyer

Great for wearing at work!

Bought this hoping it wouldn't be too muggy, uncomfortable. I got it today and worked an 8 hour shift on a very busy loading dock. I am just now ending my shift, and I am extremely pleased with every bit of it!!!! I had a full charge when I started work, and haven't even had a low battery warning at all. The sound is perfect, and when kept at a low, comfortable volume, I was able to hear everything around me and what everyone said without any hassle. The earpieces were comfortable and I didn't have any issue with them coming out whatsoever. The buttons are easily accessible, and the controls work seamlessly.

5.0 star rating
Verified Buyer

This is an amazing buy!

I was looking for something I could use at the gym to work out with. Most of the masks I wear are for when I'm out and about, not for anything like working out. I took a chance on this MaskFone and I have ZERO regrets. I don't talk on the phone much, unless at work, and that's with their system anyway - So I haven't tried phone conversations. I have used it for workout music, and while I sweat like a dog - I have NO ISSUES with wearing it during the hour I'm at the gym. Yeah, it's damp when I take it off, but after following the included instructions on how to wash - I'm set ready to go again. I am considering getting a couple more, that way I don't have to wash it every day, I can swap out and go - Washing them later. Absolutely no regrets. Going to purchase more filters here in a moment, because I know I will need those.

5.0 star rating
Evelyn A.‎
Verified Buyer

Worth buying!!!

Bought this as gift for my husband and he loved it immediately! The sound is great he FaceTime from work and you couldn’t even tell he was using the face mask the sound was good. Definitely worth buying if you’re on your phone a lot. I just ordered myself one and can’t wait to receive it. Btw I got us a size S/M it runs big.

5.0 star rating
Matt Floyd‎
Verified Buyer

Best buy of the year

Easy to pair with iPhone, easy to charge, long battery life, clear calls. Hands free calling and most people don’t know I’m on a call. Pretty cool. Would buy again for others.

MaskFone Is Easy To Use

You don’t need any technical knowledge to enjoy all of MaskFone’s amazing features!

step 1

Put On The Mask

step 2

Put In The Earbuds

step 3

Start Chatting & Rocking Out!

Key features

Finally, A Face Mask You'll Love Wearing

Connects Automatically - Forget fussing with your phone… MaskFone simply works!
Wires Won't Get Tangled - Thanks to MaskFone’s innovative built-in wiring.
High-Quality Adjustable Fabric - MaskFone fits all faces comfortably
Remote Controls - Control your audio with MaskFone's built-in buttons.

Made By A Music Lover (Who Hated Wearing Masks)

MaskFone was created by Dino Lalvani, an audiophile and entrepreneur who was tired of wearing uncomfortable masks that restricted breathing – and just ended up in landfills after just a few uses.

He used his years of experience to develop a mask that he actually wanted to wear. When a friend saw him wearing his prototype and begged for one of their own, he knew he had created something special. After spending a year developing a version that was easier to use (and even better quality), MaskFone was born!

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Try MaskFone risk-free and if you don’t love it, we’ll fix it.

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

MaskFone provides a 1-year no hassle warranty to ensure your MaskFone is free from defects.


MaskFone is owned and operated in the United States of America.


We also provide fast shipping to over 30 countries. Free shipping on qualifying offers only.

Quality Promise

We control every step of the process and test every mask to ensure a safe and high quality product.

World Class Customer Support

They're real humans, they're quick, and they actually like communicating with you.

Mission Driven

Our mission is to help millions of people stay safe, comfortable and happy.

Get MaskFone Today!

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These replaceable filters significantly reduce the viral load.

  • Designed specifically to fit MaskFone perfectly
  • Medical grade, Independently tested & certified
  • Rated for 200 Hours of continuous use, per filter
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